Hardwood Floors Refinish

Marstom Flooring, LLC offers Hardwood Floors refinish in Portland Metropolitan area and all surrounding cities, specializing in dustless sanding, installation, repair, refinishing, stain and sales of all types of floors. We specialize in everything to do with hardwood flooring. From hardwood flooring installation, to hardwood flooring refinishing and repair, we have the experience, training and materials to do it and do it right! Our team of trained professionals is now pleased to offer the latest in dustless refinishing of your hardwood floors. We are trained in dustless sanding techniques so you can enjoy the renewed beauty of your existing floors with less dust!

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Marstom Flooring is your number one source for decorative unique wood inlay floor medallions custom cut to your specifications.

  • Decorative Parquet Flooring
  • Wood Medallions
  •  Hardwood Borders
  •  Exclusive floor designs, custom wood floors and inlays
  •  Herringbone, plank and other solid hardwood flooring

Repair some bad wood or patching missing board with existing one or to continue additional room with same or new type of floor. Some of your existing floor could have dark stain spot that could be cause by water damage or pet stain usually can never be sanded out, so most of the time it need to be replaced to give it a better look. Most of these damages are usually caused from wood floor that is cover by carpet which leaves nail holes and stain marks.

Stain is the process where you have an existing floor or repair that you like done to match a certain floor or just like to change the look of your floor. Color usually can go between a light tone to a dark on not vice versa. Commonly on oak floor, the best choice for stain is pine, birch ash; maple is not a good choice for staining or and dark color wood. We usually use stain to put down and recoat. You can find it at most hardware stores. There about 22 different type of color to chose from. It is best to chose a color in mind first then test it on the existing floor to see which on is best to your preference, because different floor produces different color and usually the can is always lighter than what is going to be the final result

How we do the Hardwood Floors Refinish?

Hardwood Floors Refinishing is the process where you have an old floor or worn out floor due to wear and tear, or just simply want to change to look of the existing floor. If you are moving in to a new home or existing one, the process could take three to four day before you can walk back on the floors. We strip down the existing floor and re-coat it with new water base polyurethane or oil base polyurethane. You can choose from  two types of finishes,  gloss or satin, for a final finishing coat.

We also do just the sanding only, when needed, such as the outside deck were you can put down deck stain or repaint what you have to give it a new protection coating.